Mind-Body Healing

Modern research has recently proven what most ancient medicines already know, that there is a strong connection between the mind and the body. Stress and anxiety can negatively affect your health and is the cause of many chronic diseases.

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, aromatherapy, hypnotherapy, and energy healing are all natural treatment modalities that focus on treating the mind, body, and spirit.

How Acupuncture for Stress and Anxiety Works

    There is growing research supporting the use of acupuncture for relieving stress and anxiety. Depending on where the needles go, acupuncture triggers the nervous system to produce pain killing chemicals, stimulate the part of the brain that controls emotions including anxiety, and jump-start the body’s natural healing ability.

    A study published in the April 2013 issue of the Journal of Endocrinology demonstrated that acupuncture slows the body’s production of stress hormones. The study can be found here: