What Acupuncture Treats

Acupuncture is most commonly known for treating pain, however acupuncture can be used to treat many other conditions. These conditions include but are not limited to infertility, autoimmune disorders, Bell's Palsy, depression, menstrual cycle disorders, hormonal imbalances and many others. Give us a call to see if your condition is something we can help with! .

The World Health Organization (WHO) list over 100 disorders that can be helped with acupuncture. Click on the link below to view the list of indications.


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Herbal Medicine

We use the highest quality Chinese Herbal Medicine to safely treat any health conditions you may have.


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Mind-Body Healing

We offer Reiki, Hypnotherapy, Craniosacral Therapy and various energy healing modalities to heal your mind, body, and spirit.

Relieves muscle pain, promotes circulation, and calms the nervous system.